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Shonteira Askew
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United States
I'm a digital/traditional artist and creative writer who is currently in the process in earning a Bachelor's in Computer Animation at Full Sail University and perhaps a Master's in Creative Writing later. Since I couldn't be there in person, I took the option to take their classes online. I've been drawing since I was six years of age and had been self teaching myself techniques and methods ever since. I don't consider myself a professional just yet but I changed my status to professional to give myself the extra push to work harder. So far it's been working.

Having a serious case of Adult Asperger's Syndrome, which is a High-Functioning Autism Spectrum Disorder (and on top of that, Absent-Minded Professor Syndrome which is more like a symptom of Asperger's), I'm not at all bothered about it knowing that my favourite historical artists such as Vincent Van Gogh and others as well as my favourite physicists, Albert Einstein and Isaac Newton all had it.

And speaking of personal projects, I have one right now that I'm putting more focus on and after I've practised a bit more with staging, poses, and camera angles, I will start production on a web comic series for it until I gain all the knowledge and experience I can on 3D animation to work on forming a team (or joining one) and animating it. Possibly, if I can, work on making it into a video game series also while working on other video games and films. If all goes well, I'm going to end up with a pretty busy schedule.

My Desired Career Paths:
• Animator
• CG Artist
• Graphic Novelist

People I Want To Work For:
• Legendary Pictures
• Ubisoft Montreal
• 343 Industries
• Axis Animation
• Digic Pictures


An Afternoon at the Villa by TheSlipSpaceJumper
An Afternoon at the Villa
Here's a still life set in a Villa which I had to light and texture using photo-based textures. And since I was given the choice to either look up a wine label or create my own, I went with the second option and OF COURSE, it's related to my personal project in some way. Just looking at it is making me hungry :P
Interior Environment by TheSlipSpaceJumper
Interior Environment
This is an interior environment project that I just finished for my Shading and Lighting class to get my B.S in Computer Animation. Each class goes through every process of creating animations from Lighting, to Modeling, to Animation etc. which makes my chances higher in getting more than one career in a field. According to my grades and my instructor's feedback, Lighting Artist is looking to be a potential career. That and the potential of being a CG Artist, Animator, and Concept Artist.
Grunge Fetish by TheSlipSpaceJumper
Grunge Fetish
After a great amount of inspiration from watching Artgerm's latest live-stream, I decided to do a character portrait which I spent the past two days working on; 30 hours in total. I still want to get more realism to get rid of the anime feel so I'm probably gonna start painting portraits of people in real life. I plan to paint fictional live action characters mainly like Walter White, Doctor Who, Sherlock and so on to help me get the style that I want.

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